Maredsous Abbey Beer is brewed by the Duvel Moorgat Brewery under the supervision of monks and to the original recipe preserved at the abbey.

This beautiful collection of Belgian beer is truly for the connoisseur; one who enjoys an interesting combination of flavours and textures of handcrafted beer.

Maredous Blonde (6%) Maredsous Blonde is the monks‘ traditional thirst quencher. A delightful, soft, malted blonde beer with a sprightly fruitiness and slightly dry, gently-hopped finish. A sparkling nose, complex flavours and a hint of bitterness give this fine beer all the refreshing qualities of a classic Belgian Blonde.

Mardesous Brune(8%) The Maredsous Brown was intended as a Christmas beer but now has its own established place in the range. A deep, burgundy-coloured Double beer with a fine body, a soft, creamy head and a rich bouquet. It‘s soft, full taste reveals subtle hints of dark fruit, chocolate and caramel with a dry, warm finish.

Maredsous Triple (10%) Maredsous Triple is the absolute ultimate for the monks – a beer for special occasions. A fragrant, golden Belgian triple, full of festive sparkle with a creamy body and a luscious head. It‘s elegant smoothness tempers the strong alcohol content and the finish is balanced, long and warm.