The Bolleke (5,2%) is the brewery‘s jewel in the crown. Its typical surprisingly malty flavour is appreciated by beer lovers worldwide. This amber-coloured top-fermented beer has an accessible taste and a low alcohol content. Brewed in the traditional way using water, yeast, 100% pure malt and pure hops, a completely natural beer.

Bolleke uses organic Saaz-Saaz hops from the Czech Republic, natural barley and without the addition of maize or brewing sugars. One thing is certain, this delicious specialty beer is the ideal thirst quencher. The beer gets it’s name from the shape of the glass it is served in.


Tripel D’anvers

Tripel d’Anvers is a real Belgian tripel. Cheeky and exuberant, but with a big loving heart. An ode to the city by the brewer.
You will soon notice: this is a beer full of enthusiasm. Be surprised by the slightly sweet taste of the first sip and the fresh, sparkling notes. Enjoy the spicy aroma with subtle hints of orange peel and coriander and the full-bodied aftertaste.

Strong on the outside, soft on the inside. Tripel d’Anvers may well be a strong blond beer with 8% alcohol. Still, deep inside it is very soft due to the slightly sweet and spicy flavors. In other words, a real Antwerp Tripel.