La Chouffe

Brasserie D‘Achouffe is nestled in the rolling green hills in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes mountains, a location rumored to be the mystical home to the Chouffe gnomes.

Founded in 1982, the specialty beers of Achouffe have gained acclaim and passionate loyalty in many countries worldwide.

The flagship product is La Chouffe a hazy, golden-blonde ale with a distinctive flavor of fresh fruits and beguiling hoppiness.

Chouffe Soleil This new, unfiltered, blonde seasonal beer re-ferments in the bottle and is surprisingly refreshing thanks to its aromas of fruits and herbs and its zesty citrus flavour. It is a thirst-quencher with plenty of character. This sunny beer gives you an instant lift into spring. Its perfumed aromas conjure a cornucopia of flowers, citrus fruits and peppery spices. It strikes a beautiful balance, combining the benefits of chamomile and elderflower with a hint of vanilla, paired with fruity hints of tangerine and lemon.

This freshness is enhanced by zesty hints of pepper and saffron. These scents continue to come to the fore in a non-bitter taste where exotic aromas of fruit and wood claim centre stage. We finish on a dry, zesty note enhanced by a generous dose of citrus. All in all, this beer pours the best of the sun into your glass!

The Houblon Chouffe starts off with a discernible citrus touch, with grapefruit prominently there, before blending into its herbal, green hoppy character. Unsurprisingly this is a determinedly bitter beer, supported by a generous alcohol content and a pleasant, drying finish. A potent and characterful beer, both for lovers of this style, as well as for real connoisseurs.
Cherry Chouffe The gnomes love Achouffe beers. But they also appreciate the juicy cherries that grow in their land of fairies. The Chouffe gnomes gathered the cherries and stored them in the brewery loft.
The old ceiling collapsed under the weight of the fruit. The cherries fell into a vat of Mc Chouffe that was being prepared. The mischievous gnomes said nothing about it. Surprised to discover a glowing red beer with a fruity taste, the Master Brewer finally decided to transfer it to barrels. The new Cherry Chouffe is a fruit beer full of surprises
A deliciously refreshing Mc Chouffe, supplemented by delicious fruit. The aroma is full of sour cherries, but you also detect strong notes of strawberry, marzipan and sweet port
In the lightly sweet flavour, you will also detect the red fruit , together with almond notes and subtle spices. It ends with a warming aftertaste with a slight bitterness.